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Care Pathway Management

A brighter future
for healthcare

Using outcomes data to
transform patient journeys

Delivering predictable
and measurable care

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As the healthcare industry evolves, leading providers are recognizing
the need for an automated and orchestrated approach to care delivery.

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform and solutions
enable health enterprises to design and virtualize efficient,
patient-centric models of care.

By designing and deploying care pathways you will harness the full
potential of your organization and resources, delivering better health
for everyone. Find out what inspired us to create the CPM platform in
this video.

Using automation to transform outcomes and efficiency

Benefits of CPM

20% reduction of treatment costs
for a leading provider of Ophthalmology services

20% increase in clinical capacity
for leading private GP and health assessment provider

60% increase in patient satisfaction
for a leading global provider of healthcare services

What our customers say about us

Lumeon works with some of the world’s largest healthcare providers to help them deliver better care at lower cost.

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By selecting Lumeon, we’ve found a business partner who can manage our needs today whilst scaling for our future growth
Jonathan Byrd, Operations Director for Clinical Services, Nuffield Health
Whenever we’ve embraced change or developed new areas of our business, like online bookings or integrating with pathology services, the Lumeon team have always responded quickly and helped us continue crafting and refining the business we have.
Magnus Kaunders, CEO, Blossoms Healthcare
Their pathway automation engine is a game changer. It has transformed the way we deliver care.
Dr. Johann Alberts, Director of IT and Transformation, Alliance Medical
Lumeon just works – whether it’s from our main offices or our satellite sites. Care Pathway Manager is always available and is continuing to help us do new, innovative things to make our service better for our clients and patients.
Magnus Kauders, CEO for Blossoms Healthcare
I can honestly say that Lumeon is facilitating growth and supporting our business ambitions, whilst at the same time helping us deliver a premium service.
Matt Todman, Founder, Six Physio